About the autor

This page is trying to reply the question “Who am I?” to the readers … but who are the readers? Well, depending on who are you, you should read one or the other myself description:

Anonymous reader

I am an Spanish guy, comming from Barcelona, who studied Computer Science at the UPC university. After this I specialized on software development, specially on the Object Oriented development, now working with J2EE development, but before I have been working with dotNet technologies.

As my formation reveals I am really interested in computing, but in general I am interested on Science things (like mathematics, physics, natural live, live in general etc.).
From the computing point of view, I really like things that I use to say enginyeering stuff, I mean, this kind of things that are nearer to the most correct way of doing things.

Of course I like to do other things (I am not as freak as you though). I like doing as much sports as I can, I like football, swiming, skiing, pelota, or just jogging … Also I have tried some more weird sports like canyons Via Ferrada (I think this is the correct translation for the spanish Via Ferrata), rafting, or just climbing … I like to test this kind of sports. I have to say that I am not an sport man, but I like to practice and enjoy them with some friends or just with the nature.

Now I am getting to the 30’s and I am trying to do this kind of things that always has been postponed before, like my abroad experience . And this age also is changing my mind, even I really like going out at night to the best night clubs (I have been in the best Ibiza clubs, as well as the Barcelona’s ones or even to Florida 135, and I will be in some of the UK most known clubs), I also like doing other very interesting things like good cinemas, theaters or general … Let’s see how much I can see

For people who already met me

Well if you know me probably you know who I am, a simple guy who likes staying with friends, who is always hungry of new experiences and a bit stressed (also known as “cul de mal seure”), and changing my mind every 2 seconds :P.

Of course I can say some things about me, but this won’t define me, just will define my POV, and the most clear definition of a person is the one that other people can give, at least the most “popular”.

Thanks for reading and for being there.


2 thoughts on “About the autor

  1. hey Roberto, the international name for “Via Ferrata” is “Via Ferrata” 😉 because they were first build in Italia and they take the name from italian one.
    The spanish translation is Via Ferrada and the german one is Klettersteig but there are no translation for french or english.

    Canyon/Canyoning means “Barranquismo/Descenso de Cañones” and it’s not the same, you know.
    It’s in the same group of mountain sports but quite different.

    I hope you enjoyed those sports as much as the computers and the night clubs 😉

  2. hey David !!!

    thanks for the tip, now I made some canyoning and I like both !!! 😀

    I enjoyed so much london, and is always a good place to have interesting life experiences ! If I can help you in any way, please contact me 😉

    ciao, r

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