I got a job!! (Nat)

Hi readers!

After 3 weeks in London, finally I got a job.
I want to explain my experience looking for a job hoping this could help someone else.
I started to look for a position as senior java developer when we still were in spain. These are the steps that I followed:
  •  Updating my cv
  • Updating Linkedin’s profile
  • Contacting some recruiters (Recworks, Hydrogen, Oho group, OliverBernard…)
  • Registering in jobsite (After doing this you will receive a lot of calls of recruiters offering job opportunities)
  • Doing some phone interviews.
  • Doing some technical tests.
  • Reading the book “Cracking the code interview”, I don’t finished it but I think it is very usefull.
  •  First week I did one scheduled face to face interview but after that I set the processes in stand by for two reasons: We were searching a flat and I didn’t had a english phone.
  • Once we had a flat and a uk sim, I notified all the recruiters that I was in London and send them my new uk phone number.
  • Everyday I reviewed the jobs opportunities in Linkedin and Jobsite and applied in the ones I thought that fits me.
As you can see, my english is not perfect, so, don’t be scared about this. If you have an intermediate level, you can tackle it.
You will realize that they always ask the same kind of questions in the interviews, so, you can prepare your answers in english.
Different types of interviews:
  •  Recruiters call (15min): They want to know a little bit about you, why you want to move, when, what role are you looking for, your current salary and your expected salary. They will also ask for your technical skills and your experience. Some of them go deeper in your cv, even some of them will ask you some basic technical questions. After the call they will send you their available job positions. Remember that you can not apply for the same company through more than one way, they have some exclusiveness policies and the company will not accept it.
  •  Technical tests(1-2h): After applying to a company they usually will send you a technical test that you can do at home as soon as possible. Be careful reading the requirements and review that your solution pass their basic tests. I think adding unit testing and a readme.txt explaining your approach is a good point, even if they don’t ask for. I did a lot of them, if the position is still open you will receive feedback very quickly.


  • Face to face interview(minimum 2h): If you receive a good feedback from the technical test you will be scheduled for a face to face interview. These interviews usually consist of:
  1. Introduction of the company and the role. (Do a little investigation before going to the interview)
  2. Reviewing your cv and technical skills. (be sure you can answer to any question about your cv)
  3. Questions about your technical test (not always)
  4. Programming test in situ, sometimes they let you alone, sometimes they stay besides you and ask you thinks about your approach (you can also ask).
  5. Analysis case: They explain you a case and ask you how you would solve the situation and why do you do it this way.
  6. Q&A: Time to do all the questions that you have about the role and company. (Think about it before going to the interview)
  • Technical phone interview(1h): I hate this kind of interviews, I had some of them with 2 or 3 people in the other side, asking questions like in a exam. Usually they don’t ask complicated questions but you should be prepared for it. For example, if you know that the role requires hibernate and spring, take a look to the “hibernate interview questions” and the “spring interview questions” you will find a lot of links googling that will help you. No fear to say “I don’t know”, I think is better to be honest and show your interest to learn it or show that you know something similar.
Last week I also went to get my NIN (National Insurance Number), I think it should be the first thing you can do, once you get a flat.
Follow the instructions in this link to get an appointment for the NIN interview:
They will send you the NIN in the following 4 weeks, you can work without this number, you will pay more taxes the first month but the will give you this money back once you have the NIN.
And we also got (finally) a bank account. It was not easy. Most of them ask for a proof of residence and they don’t accept the let agreement from you flat rental, they want a bill with your name and your address(something that we still didn’t received, or the NIN letter.
We found two banks that wanted to open us an account without this proof of residence, but they required that one of us had a job. Lloyds and Barclays. We did with Barclays. Note that you need an appointment to open a bank account and it will take about 1,5 hours!!
And that’s all! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask me 😉

One thought on “I got a job!! (Nat)

  1. Lots of congratulations! What about the job? the one that you got? tell us something!

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