Install just release Light Fast Shop

Recently I’ve seen the django-lfs [1] (Light Fast Shop[2]) just released to the public today [3]

In order to get your code working you have to follow instalation instructions, but you will probably need something else. I had some problems with missing dependencies (mainly .h, because by default I’m using virtualenv with python2.6, and on my ubuntu everything is ready for python2.5 … versions can be a nightmare !). So what I did before I got lfs working was:

  • sudo apt-get install python2.6-dev    (should be changed in case to 2.5 in case your installation uses 2.5 … type ‘python –version’ to know the exact version)
  • sudo apt-get install sqlite3 libsqlite3-dev
  • sudo apt-get install python-profiler
  • aptget install mercurial

Finally you can follow the instructions to install lfs using the quickstart [4]

And if you want to have some data on this:

./lfs-buildout-quickstart/bin/django loaddata eggs/django_lfs-0.1.3-py2.6.egg/lfs/core/fixtures/lfs_initial.xml

The reason why I post this info is because I like the way this is distributed, the infrastructure and some features (as well is much easier to install than satchmo[5], sorry :S, which can be a problem in a hosting, specially if is shared):

  • jgrowl: Nice jQuery Notification system, who knows me know that I like this useless things !
  • All the admin interface tunned with jQuery [7]
  • the use of portlets
  • Completely separate themes [8], which can become a possible monetization in the future to work with customization as well at this point
  • ….

Things I don’t like and probably will be fixed in a future:

  • Lack of documentation in the terms of description of the main entities.
  • Lack of translation to other language.

[1] project home on bitbucket which has moved from the old django-lfs google code

[2] The “commercial” web site to explain and get relevance about the project, nice !

[3] Twitter post on the project

[4] Install instructions for lfs

[5] Satchmo installation process

[6] Notification system

[7] Admin interface for django-lfs

[8] Current django theme


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