heat maps with django

At dooplan we have implemented gheat in django.

Gheat is a simple system heat maps to show in a google map.

It normally works with an external and WSGI  compliant server (named aspen), but we want to have it inside our infraestructure, both in development (just django development server) as well as in our production server. So we have made a port from normal python gheat to django gheat.

I have published it on github : http://github.com/robertrv/django-gheat/tree/master

I will post a extend tutorial on how to customize it, but for now if you want to use it (having installed django and git) you can do the following instructions

git clone git://github.com/robertrv/django-gheat.git

cd django-gheat/samples/persisted/

python manage.py runserver

then go to your browser on and you will see something like:


You can also see the live effect in dooplan, where we show which are the “hot” places in barcelona or madrid.


5 thoughts on “heat maps with django

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  2. hi Bill,

    good to see you’re using the code. The samples/persisted is an app with gheat integrated. What’s exactly the use case you want ?

    I have it integrated on dooplan at http://www.dooplan.com/places/list/

    What I simply have to do to integrate it, is use the google maps as I’ve used in the example and using the command to update the database content. To do this i I have a crontab which executes this:

    python manage.py runjob update_gheat_points

    To execute this you have to have django_extensions on your python path.

    I’ll try to make a proper tutorial when I have time, and try to make more samples.

    • sorry for the late reply … but I did not support this project now. Once I restart support for this project i will reply you.

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