Problem with real shared software

What happens in all the companies where there are more than one software project ? normally what happens is that each project is made in its own way, for different reasons, just because the developer learn new way to do things, because the company don’t have time to reuse, or the developers changes between projects, or anything.

But each time I arrived to a company where I have to develop any software I can see the same problem, there is not real shared code between projects. Is something really, really simple, as simple as made a project which is a library and try to maintain it, but nobody takes care of this, and each time we have to do something from scratch we probably does the same as our neighbor has done some time ago, but as there is not real care of this small pieces of reusable software nobody finally reuses it. Doesn’t matter if we have tools to manage dependencies (like maven, or simply eclipse), doesn’t matter if we can have a real improvement of time, finally we have the same problems in dozens of places and we have to fix it dozens of times, just because we don’t have real shared code.

What I am feeling is that we should try to not hurry always and give some time to the quality of the projects, always is money between them, but otherwise the work that we made is half productive as it can be.


2 thoughts on “Problem with real shared software

  1. Di que sí!

    Ingenieros del software del mundo, uníos y compartid código!

    Tienes razón, y nosotros, dentro de nuestras limitadas responsabilidades, deberíamos asumir como tarea propia intentar educar a los demás en estos conceptos de reusabilidad y ciclo de vida del software.

    Si alguien tiene tiempo, un articulillo que lei en aqueños (que ya empiezan a ser lejanos) años de facultad. Interesante lectura:


  2. Yes, I’ve had the same experience. I think this is sometimes because:

    – As you said, developers are in a state of hurry continuously that prevents planification and reflexion.
    – Perhaps sometimes we do not use the appropiate sharing tools in our enterprise, or we feel it is easier to start from scratch rather than asking our collegues whether they have done something similar.
    – I think sometimes we do not rely on what our neighbour has done, too.

    Perhaps a tool to publish verified and normalized functions or objects we want to share with our workmates or even with the rest of the world would help to solve this problem, don’t you think so? (I am sure someone has done something like this…)

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