NexOpen: Meta-metaframeworks

NexOpen is a new J2EE framework which complements other frameworks Spring, Struts, jBPM, Hibernate, Xfire, etc (some of them, like Spring which is the Core of NexOpen, are at the same time metaframeworks).

This framework has the intention to facilitate repetitive and costly task of learning and configuration with the already extended J2EE frameworks, to let developers concentrate on the important business. To achieve this goal NexOpen gives some Wizards, Eclipse plugins.

It is suppose to be not just a tool to develop, also the quality of this development using desgin patters, JSR and being easy to use with tools like Maven2, Continuum, jProfiler, Jira, Confluence

NexOpen has just been published, and you can see the blog where will be explained and it’s web page. I know about this from one of the authors of the “baby”, Bosco Curtu, who is also the author of the blog. I am really happy to see that his work (and his mates work) finally has a visible result! He and his mates has been working for long time in their company where they have developed this new framework.

Ánimo y enhorabuena boss!!!


6 thoughts on “NexOpen: Meta-metaframeworks

  1. Dios! Empiezo a quedarme obsoleto!

    Cuando uno empieza a dominar Hibernate sacan la nueva versión de Java Persistance….

    Cuando te planteas hacer un curso de Spring, cogen y la meten otra capa encima…

    Arrrgghhh!!! Al final haré como mis compis de lab y me pondré a trabajar en Perl y Fortan y que le den al Java!!!

    (negaré haber dicho esto ante cualquier aduencia ;-))

  2. hey,

    I am Francesc Magdaleno, the architect of NexOpen Framework, From here, we will invite to everybody to use our framework. I am proud of the result and i have to be thankful to Bosco for the difusion and management of the project. Moreover, NexOpen it is not done by one person, several people has been involved in this iniciative and i have to mention a Toni Lopez and Marc Baiges, they have been working from the beginning of the ‘baby’!! Many thanks!!

    Please, Ivan, try writing in english and …. send us more culture!!!! 😉

  3. Hey Francesc & Ivan !

    thanks for the clarifying !

    And congratulations for this really good job, I hope lot of people start helping more and more to the Open Source projects. And go ahead with this project, I want to see the “baby” as a “teenage”

    Just to tell Ivan and whoever that they can write on any language in my blog, I think computer science is mainly on English (if we talk about occident world) but I really like to read comments in any language !

    BTW, Ivan, thanks for your bit of history and culture!


  4. Osti tú…
    Perdona Ivan, parece que Francesc te ha confundido con otro Ivan de nuestro equipo, por eso lo de la cultura…

    Franky, take it easy…

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