Moving to london, step by step

Hello everybody,

this is my first English post, and probably with lot of wrong words and expressions, sorry for that.

With this post I want to share my experience with my readers, mainly the experience I have had searching job, accommodation, and so.

Before deciding

First of all I decided to live in london, but maybe you have to take in account some things:

  • 10 important things to know about london (spanish link)
  • Cost of live
  • Foro Londres: an spanish place where are lot of information about london.
  • Spaniards:Web page where I can find lot of interesting information about Spanish people who go out from Spain or their original countries and share experiences. Also a good place where you can ask lot of obvious questions, like: where I can wash my clothes ?

Once you have decided

If your decision is to come to London, then go ahead reading, otherwise this will probably not be so interesting.

One of the most important and difficult things is to find a job (even thought to me has been really easy :P), to find this job there is an Spanish guy, sprocket, who make a really good tutorial to find this job:

  1. How to make a CV
  2. About the phone interview
  3. About the face to face interview
  4. Most usual questions English people use to do, tons of them!

Job search pages

After you have this more or less clear, you can start sending your CV or Resume to the main UK web pages that the recruiters uses to find candidates:

I would say that the most important think is to update regularly your CV, because then this CV appears better situated when the recruitment searches.


Once or after we have a job or at least the way to find it, is time to search a place to live. London is a very dynamic place, it applies to everything also the accommodation, and with lot of possibilities. The hotels are all around London but probably is the most expensive option. I would just evaluate two possibilities: Hostels and Flat/House share or rent.


At this point there is also lot of possibilities like you can find in Internet, but to me the best option are Hostels in LHA group.

Flat/house share/rent

For this there are some specialized web pages:

I will try to write more posts or just update this one onces I have more information !


3 thoughts on “Moving to london, step by step

  1. Found this page while doing research into people moving to the UK, I know it’s out of date but it’s very interesting! Lots of good information thanks!

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